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QUOTE (Massacre @ Feb 28 2012, 12:33 AM) *
QUOTE (Massacre @ Feb 25 2012, 07:59 PM) *
He compared same-sex marriage to pedophilia and bestiality.

Your illogical anti-gay marriage stance aside, at least acknowledge how stupid and offensive that is. Do me this courtesy.

If you compare homosexuality to pedophilia, you will see some differences. They are of course different, very very different. When someone is not heterosexual, they likely have one of the many other kind of sexualities. Some may turn pedo, some gay and even some are necrophiliac. Just to mention a few. It must be located in the brain somewhere, imagine some sort of "switch". If the "switch" is not in the optimal position (hetero), it is in one of the many other positions. Which one of the other positions is perhaps random. I don't think the distance from gay or hetero to pedo is far, though they are very very different conditions.

I don't know what Santorum said when he compared it, but I doubt he wants to outlaw homosexuality.... He just wants to outlaw same sex marriage. You can disagree on it, but it is a valid stance and it's not morally wrong to have this stance.

Also, to clarify one of my bullet points, by "pro-religion," I didn't mean that I am against religion, I'm actually indifferent to it until an extremist does something stupid, I mean that Santorum is religious to a fault. He bases his political stances on his misguided views of his faith, and one man's religion has no place in the government of a country with many religions. I forget what hateful offshoot of Christianity he follows, but he thinks his faith is the only one that matters, and people with beliefs like that should not have any kind of power.

If he is Jehovas Witnesses, roast him. Amish is bad too, but he is clearly not Amish because he dress normal. Then there are Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, and that gang who calls themselves something like "Christ church of latter days ..." or something. All these groups are more or less normal, maybe a little fanatic but not extremely.

I'm extremely tired, I'll come back another time and see if I forgot to address something.
Paul is still going to the convention, but he hasn't made an impact across the union. There is chatter of his son giving it ago years from now.
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