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Full Version: Being an Outlaw, Thief, or whatever you wanna call it. Forums > Red Dead Series > Red Dead Redemption
Don't really get how to do it. Like are there any perks to being one ? I have beat the game. Not 100% completion. But I beat the story. Im getting kind of bored. I play the multiplayer too but I want something to do on single player when im bored with online. I know you can get your honor low and stuff. But what are some kind of things to do when you are an outlaw. Thanks.
There's not really much to do as an outlaw. You can rob places, or you can shoot at the marshalls in those random encounters where there are marshalls chasing an outlaw through the desert. That's about it. Also, if your honor is low enough, you get a cool-looking but really shitty horse.
yea, i wondered where i got that demon horse from, with gunshot wounds, scars and missing hide... it's pretty mean looking...

also, when your honor is low, john starts to intimidate and talk trash to people instead of being nice...
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