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Hey guys i have recently downloaded gta SA and i played for like 5 mins installed 1 mod then i tried connecting my ps3 control up too my pc but it fucked up my pc and i ad too format so im on my pc its just been formatted and i have copied the gta SA folder ffrom my usb pen onto desktop and when i try opening it it just comes up with the loading thing on the mouse then itdissapears i ave no idea how this happened so i have a cd for GTA sa with the cracked game on it i try intsalling that all goes well but then i click on the icon it loads on the mouse then the game doesnt load this is really anoyying i hope you guys can help
QUOTE (craig1690 @ Jul 28 2010, 12:43 PM) *
... with the cracked game ...

Yeah that right there says "can't help you". Read the announcement at the top of this SA forum.

I'll leave this open incase you didn't mean that and have a legit copy of the game. In which case, reinstall the game completely.

oh and periods (.) are your friend.
Where to (Buy) Download:

Rockstar Warehouse boxed PC games:
I got my replacement disc through for 10$US.

QUOTE (radioman @ March 21 2010, 18:34)
It also depends on if you have V1, V2, or V3(the Steam/D2D Version), V2 is the only copy that is sold today, as of June of 2006 to be exact, so there is a good chance that you have a V2 game, as thus is why Mods crash the game. .Img mods do not work on V2, and some other mods are very tricky to get to work on V2-However, Script mods are the easiest to get to work on V2, as I have used a few script mods on my V2 game and it went very well. Just a heads up.

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