So I did enjoy GTA IV for a long time, after I'd finished the game I became a trophy junkie for this game.
But then came the PS3 fat leap year bug, at first I thought that I was lucky and it didn't affect any of my files trophy's etc.

But for GTA IV there where 2 or more trophy's which dissapeared. It where the trophy's for being able to use your friends special service.
So I ended up with a game which did have those required statics but no trophy's. That resulted in stopping going for the platinum.
But now I want to get some old trophy games out and get some platinum's.

As I don't want to play the game all over again (because half of it wouldn't result in a trophy tongue.gif). And I know that the trophy's aren't retro active.
I wonder if it's possible to still get the trophy on my current save by dropping my 'like rating' below the point that will lose the services and then reaquire them by working it back up.
It would be a great help if someone could point out if this possible or not.