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Where can I buy extra ammo(I think it takes more ammo to kill that the gun you can grab from the guy dropped)?

Where is the Liberty City Gun Club (it always tells me there is a new gun I can practice with there)?

Do you have any tips for catching those red and white trucks with a red arrow over head and you capture them and take them to a hide out?

Do you have any Idea for not getting busted by the cops while accelerating?, it seems like I go so fast yet they can still get me very easily.

Why should I even use the faster cars if all I'm going to do is hit other cars and turn on a dime?

Does using the cheats affect the game at all?
1. You can buy more ammo buy going into the PDA and selecting the Ammu-Nation 'app'.
- More weapons are unlocked as you proceed through the game.

2. It is located here: (not my pic)

3. Shoot at them until they start smoking bad and the 2 gang members get out, then kill the gang members and take the van.

4. Can answer 4 & 5.

6. Yes, it can harm your social rating (online play only)

Your welcome.
From where can you find those lion statues after finishing the storyline?
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