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... am i the only 1 that played the new gen GTAs, came back and played this and thought, "Wow. these were great graphics in 2004"..? idk, i love this game and its my fav in the series but ignorance was kinda bliss (before i played the IV series).
IV is pretty, but GTA:SA is playable,
IV has forgetable charactors, GTA:SA is fun to play.
IV has 'foreign language' GTA:SA has urbanics.
..."urbanics"?? that's funny

but i do see your point. i just meant graphics-wise....
Yeah, it's REALLY AMAZING how graphics improve with advancements in technology. To explain it to you, here is a moron from Wikianswers:
Dr. Drew
Recently I started San Andreas up again and to be honest the graphics are quite forgetable but i must say that the gameplay and atomsphere that the setting and charactes combine to make gives me a sense of what grand theft auto should really be. I can only hope that GTA V provides this same experience that was somewhat lost in the latest installment.
lol ive yet to play IV but as far as graphics goes on the pc version i still think they are pretty badass. the ps2 and pc default arent awesome but set the pc to high res and everything else and gameplay looks awesome (movie scenes are crap thou)
i must of complet san andreas to 100% at least 5 times, i love this game, when i saw gta 4 releace on console i was OMG i run to the store and buy the ps3 and gta4, it must of cost me close to 500$ back then and i play less then 8 hours... am not kidding, there is so much dust on my ps3 i dont even want to look at it until grantourismo 5 ( its better be good or i go get my baseball bat ).

anyway yeah grafic are realy old the texture are abismal but man when you see those character talk in each mission its so perfect that it make you forget all about those bad grafic and sinc you right into that game.
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