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Full Version: How do i do rank 5 on the hunter challenge?? Forums > Red Dead Series > Red Dead Redemption
how do i do rank 5 on the hunter challenge??
Use your knife to kill two cougars. Do some damage with a gun and then dismount for the final kill using a knife. Stabbing them comes down to timing. They can be tricky; especially if they are coming at you. Once you kill one, watch your back for another.

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I think I got this one from a random occurance where a ped was being chased by cougars. So they weren't really paying attention to me.
that's' how i got the "kill a bear with a knife" challenge... it was chasing some random guy, not even paying attention to me...
Use deadeye to shoot it once in both front paws with a revolver and it should limp away, allowing you to run up to it and knife it.
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