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I'm after a digital camera. Doesn't have to be too special beyond a) a high resolution (12MP minimum) and cool.gif reliable and likely to last a while. I'm looking into this - - do you guys think it'd be appropriate? Any suggestions of an alternative?

Thanks in advance!
Polaroid cameras are good for pictures that you don't want to get developed.
How much are you willing to spend?

Also is there a reason it has to be 12MP minimum? Some cameras that have 10-11MP can produce much sharper images for a much cheaper price. Also, have you looked at the prices of D-SLRs. You could most likely pick up a Canon D-SLR for the same price as that one you posted, and it could produce much better photographs.

Here's a decent low price D-SLR:

Also Nikon do low price D-SLR's too. Look in to it.
Listen to DuP. He said everything I was going to.
NEVER Buy a Point and Shoot based on the Megapixel. It's simply a marketing gimick which sadly leads people into. People relate higher numbers to better pictures. A 6 megapixel Nikon D40 DSLR will walk all over that point and shoot due to one thing. The quality of the lens. Lenses make the best pictures, not the megapixel. A 12 Megapixel camera will only be useful if you plan on printing in A3 or bigger (Which I doubt you will do with a Point and Shoot anyway).

Don't follow that gimmick of Megapixel.
Dup had good advice. I do photography part time for a living. If you want quality, and youre willing to spend a little more get a dslr (either canon or nikon) if you end up going with a point and shoot style camera, get a canon. (best image sensors for the cash)

^ I can't stand Canon cameras (no reason, personal preference) - but he's got it right.
Nikon have the best Point and Shoot. Canon have the best Budget DSLR and Nikon have the best pro-range DSLR range.
Thanks for all the replies smile.gif

As for the high MP, I do a lot of cropping - but I would settle with a high-quality 10MP camera, say.
Cropping doesn't need higher MP's, I can crop a better quality image from my D40 (which has only 6mp) than I can from my 8mp Sony compact at the same level under the same circumstances. Read a plethora of camera reviews before buying any camera and you won't go wrong.
Unless you enlarge the crop. But there's a simple answer to this. I'll tell you the trade secret if you promise not to tell anyone! ANYONE!

Get closer to what you're taking the picture off.
Even enlarging the crop I'd still pick up the D40's one than my Sony's one.

Fuck off you nut job, I want to stand a mile away and get crisp detail on your face. Your mum called the police last time I got closer to my subject. Your balls.
My Nikon D200 has 10.2 Megapixel so I'm fine for anything really lol. Although with DSLR's the main importance is the ISO peformance of a Camera's sensor.

To the OP. The Nikon D3 has a 12.1 Megapixel camera. That camera shows how Megapixel means bugger all. A 3k Body, and the ISO goes to around 102,000. That is the most important thing in a camera. Just ignore the Megapxiel capabilities of a camera.
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