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THUMS UP HERES MY IDEA (Hopefully A BIGGER MAP & when your in a plane & you have a certain wanted level (ex. 4 stars) they will send intercepters after you & give you a chance to land or they will shoot you down & APC Tanks & Sam's sites that will shoot you down & attack helicopters & medical helicopters too & bombers & fighters & army hummers & destroyer boats & aircraft carriers that lets jets take off from it & you don't get a wanted level when you walk thorough the airport gates & EVERY type of plane is fly able & mobile artillery vehicles & a aircrane that can pick up vehicles & more advance weapons & police bikes fasters cars & a high flying spy jet such as the blackbird & predater drones that shoot missiles & a store where you buy cars,places,helicopters e.c.t & cheats that don't block trophies longer game play & a place where every vehicle spawn at & the city could be indianapolis in indiana & a heavlly armored tank. whew thats a lot of typeing)
Wrong forum, but I see you already noticed and re-posted in the other topic.

TreeFitty! LOXX0R!

...But wait, you posted that 20 minutes ago, and now you've reposted it in a new topic?
im new to the place im just trying 2 sperad my idea wich i hope will be read by a lot of ppl & HOPEFULLY BY THE GTA 5 creaters cuz if they put my idea for gta5 it will be more real & AWESOME
And spamming the main pages with this broken English crap will get you nothing.

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