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Hi , I cant pass the flight lessons and I need some help from you.Can someone pass it for me pls?
p.s How do I insert the savegame file?

Best Site for up/down loading game saves:
QUOTE (Weasel @ Jun 24 2010, 11:56 AM) *
Best Site for up/down loading game saves:

You dont understand.I want to continue my game.
Can someone play this mission for me , please?
I think I fully understand. I've done over 420 game missions for people.
1) go to the web site indicated.
2) Click on the Browse.
3) When you are in the Save Game File. Select the last game save you made.(GTASAsf#.b # is the save game slot)
4) Click Open..
5) Click Upload.
6) Copy and Past into your Topic here:

Missions: learning to fly

then I can download your save game:

7) when the mission is completed we reverse the steps.
8) you will then Click the Link
9) Click on the Slot number where you want the game on your PC.
10) Then you play the game.
I got it .Thanks.
By the way, is there a special topic for this kind of request?
Not at this time.
Here You Go, It took longer than I expected.

For: mophyus
Missions: Learning to Fly
Notes: Respet earned, Pilot's License earned.

You may redo any of the tests. A lower score won't affect the high score.
All are timed trials to acquire s70%=Bronze // 85%=Silver // 100%=Gold

1 Takeoff <45 sec //<37.5 sec //< 30 sec <<-- REDO this one with the throttle button held down the whold time.
2 Land Plane <40 sec //<32.5 sec //< 25 sec
3 Circle Airstrip <75 sec //<67.5 sec //< 60 sec
4 Circle Airstrip and Land <95 sec //<87.5 sec //< 80 sec
5 Helicopter Takeoff <60 sec //<52.5 sec //< 45 sec
6 Land Helicopter <45 sec //<37.5 sec //< 30 sec
7 Destroy Targets <105 sec //<92.5 sec //< 80 sec
8 Loop the Loop <27 sec //<24 sec //< 21 sec
9 Barrel Roll <23 sec //<20.5 sec //< 18 sec
10 Parachute onto Target <70 sec //62.5 sec //< 55 sec
Completing the tests with a Silver level earns you a Stunt Plane.
Getting Gold in all the tests adds an Army Hunter Helicopter

One of the wrecks at the field contains body armour. another has a mini-SMG.

Carry On! :^:

The stunt plane is only flyable if you get silver in all the flight missions?
you can fly anything but it doesn't spawn anywhere. once you get silver it spawns at the abandoned strip so you can fly it anytime
So the stunt plane is around at one location?
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