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This is nothing amazing, but what it lets you do is get on top of the cliffs at the South of Mexico. The big tall ones that prevent you from going any further. The only thing is there are invisible walls that stop you doing much apart from just walking right around the edge of the cliffs but whatever, you can get somewhere you're not supposed to and it's fairly easy to do.

I wanna try it online with some people, although I'm going out tonight so I probably won't be on but I'll see what I can do.

I might make a video of it too, although for now I don't want to make it too public because I guess it could potentially be an exploit that people could abuse. Anyway this topic is pretty pointless because I'm not going to tell you how to do it yet, but if anyone is going to be online on PS3, I'll show whoever decides to come on. Might be saturday morning (UK) when I'm next online though.
I guess it would be useful if people actually went down that far south in Mexico so you could snipe 'em, but most people just whore the gang hideouts so the closest people you're going to get is at Tesoro Azul.
Cool. I'd like to join but Ur Saturday morning is my Friday night so I'll prolly be drunk as fuck.


Actually, I'm having a party here so I doubt Ill be on.
I'll do it.
I actually found another way to do this, only at the North West of the map too, but again the invisible walls prevent you from doing much at all. I'll make a video in the next day or two of both exploits seeing as they're pretty harmless.
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