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After 12 years in the making and 38 years after it happened, the truth about the massacre that was bloody sunday was published in the saville report today.

Some of the key points from the report:

None of the protesters killed or injured were 'posing a threat or causing death or serious injury';

Despite soldiers' claims, they did not fire in response to attacks or threats or nail or petrol bombers. No one threw or threatened to throw a bomb at the troops;

The soldiers' versions of the event were rejected and some 'knowingly put forward false accounts';

Members of the official IRA did fire some shots but paratroopers shot first;

Martin McGuinness was 'probably armed with a Thompson sub-machine gun' and may have fired the weapon, although this could not be proved;

The commander of land forces in Northern Ireland, Major General Robert Ford, would have been aware the Parachute Regiment had a reputation for using excessive force but would not have believed there was a risk they would fire without justification;

Lieutenant Colonel Derek Wilford disobeyed an order from a superior officer not to take troops into the Bogside estate;

His superior officer Brigadier Patrick MacLellan, was blameless because if he had known what Col Wilford was intending, he might well have called it off;

No blame was placed on the organisers of the march, the Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association;

Neither the UK nor Northern Ireland governments planned or foresaw the use of unnecessary lethal force.

In the case of Gerald Donaghy, (one of the 14 people killed) whos body was 'found' with a nail bomb. The report states that he probably already had the bomb in his pocession but there was no justification for him to be shot as he was running away from the soldiers.

This is the only thing that has slightly annoyed me because he was found wounded by a civillian who checked mr Donaghys pockects for identification but found NOTHING. While driving mr Donaghy to the hospital, the car was stopped by soldiers and taken to an army base were an army medic did the same thing and also found nothing. By this time mr Donghy was already dead and a photo was taken of his body with the apparant nail bomb sticking out of his trouser pocket. Now anybody with a brain cell can tell that the bomb was planted, and after what had just occured, a soldiers word would be hard to believe.

All in all, this is a long awaited victory for the victims families and the people of Northern Ireland
I watched it on tv news 2 minutes ago. 38 years... it's about time.
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