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I hate Liar's Dice. I haven't won a single game, and to be honest, I have no fucking idea what I am doing. If you don't mind, please break it down for me. Strategies and hints are appreciated.

try this:
You can't play the games in multiplayer can you? I'm good at liar's dice, but I can't really explain it unless there's a game going on.
it really is difficult to explain... i had no clue how to play the game when i first tried it but, after a few tries, i understood it and now i can't be beat... i hardly ever lose a die anymore...

a good strategy i found is putting the computer in akward positions by bidding up a certain number... eventually the bet will get to you stating 5 6's, which could be way off... then you can call them out... calling a bluff is the best option IMO... never declare the bid spot on unless you know "100%" for sure it's correct... if you don't think the bid is a bluff then, bid something different...

that's the best i can do... it's one of those games where you just have to do some "trial and error" on your part to learn the game... it's how i learned it and now, i am thinking about buying a few sets of dice to play with friends biggrin.gif... i love it now...
All you have to do is guess how many times a number shows up on the table based on the dice you have and the dice your oppoents have. But you cant see your opponents dice. After each person goes, the next guess (bid) has to be higher than the previous. If someone said there are 3 dice on the table that are showing two, the next person would have to guess a higher number of dice than 3, or a higher number showing up than two. And all you do when you call the bluff is you are saying they are wrong. Everyone then reveals their dice to see if it was right or not.
I find a good strategy for lower numbered dice is to bet one more than you actually have. So if you have three 2's, bet four 2's, then if the computer has one he'll bet five 2's and then you can call his bluff. Doesn't work with larger numbers usuallly as they'll call your bluff.

Just remember, you're betting for the total number of dice on the table, not just your total, that's the mistake I made when I first started playing. This is the easiest game IMO.
Liar's dice is a great game once ya get the hang of it. Just keep in the mind how many dice are in play at any time. It'll help you figure out if they're lying or not. If someone bids 5 6's and there's only 7 dice in play and you have 3 dice in your cup and you know you don't have a 6, they have to be lying.
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