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hmm.. Im Just Wondering How To Fuck Girls In GTA San Andreas?
  • Dress/look nice for them (gimp suit for Millie, as an example)
  • Drive a car they like
  • Take her places she likes
  • Don't shoot her

When you get back to her house, she might invite you in for Hot Coffee.
And if you do that right, she will ask you (CJ) in for coffee.
You respond 'Yes" and 'Bob's your Uncle.'
You can also drive a nice car where you see whores (almost everywhere). If your sex appeal is high enough (having a nice car helps), you might get a proposition. When she's in your car drive to "a secluded place" and stop.

You'll gain some health if CJ is wouned.
Walther PPK
QUOTE (BlipHK @ Jun 6 2010, 01:17 AM) *
hmm.. Im Just Wondering How To Fuck Girls In GTA San Andreas?

If you can't wait or put all that effort into dating there is a Cleo mod site (PC only) where you find girls in your safe houses.

ZaZ Cleo Girls XXX

You can also use the "slut magnet" cheat code if your CJ has difficulties getting girls. lol.
eh, i found it drawn out and a little boring to date those girls over and over in order to get invited. but the two easiest chicks to do it with would have to be denise and millie. with denise, you only have to get her to like you by 40% for her to sleep with you. that primarily means taking her to the cluckin bells in her neighborhood a few times. and millie,... i remember i had a gamesave that i NEVER took her on a date. i always wore the gimp suit. very easy, indeed
The most intelligent thread on the site, for sure.
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