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So. For those of you that have gotten to the Ranch towards the end. Read on. If not, go away before i shoot you.

Anyway. Once i had beaten the Dutch missions and went back to Marsdon's ranch, i noticed i was unable to change my outfit. Not just at his ranch, but at any hideout or even the camp. The reason i wanted to change so badly was because i had unlocked 2 new outfits during this part of the game. Is this a glitch or was i forced to wear the ranch outfit because of the way the story mission where going?
nah, your forced to wear them temporarily through these few missions... remember now, john thought he cleared his debts and finally got back to doing what he always wanted to do... and that's a good honest life on a farm... so, for the time being there isn't really much of a reason to wear the deadly assassin outfit when helping your wife and kids laugh.gif... these missions are really laid back, and the outfit just goes with the attitude...
Yeah i thought that was the reason, but i just wanted to clarify it with someone here.

I wanted to try the treasure hunter outfit which i only just unlocked. And i got the Army attire around that sort of time too.
Lol. Same. I wanted to wear the army shite.
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