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For me i'd say the Schofield revolver and the Springfield rifle, if I was going for the old style cowboy theme. If I was going for a more modern approach probably the high power pistol and the semi-auto shotgun.
bolt-action rifle and the high powered pistol... and the semi-auto shotgun really works well for interiors, like the basement of the mansion...
Winchester repeater regardless of it's less than adequate range. It's so awesome to use. Was also called "the gun that won the west" Reason enough for me! (Even if that statement was exaggerated). Pistol? Probably the Schofield Revolver, as it's got a nice balance of range, power and reload speeds!

Fondness of weapons subject to change dependant on new weapons discovered or insights into improvements on other such previously owned weapons
I do like the mauser and the high powered pistol, but they don't seem like cowboy weapons, still it is 1911 (or 1914) I guess.
Mainly the high powered pistol. But i like the Winchester rifle just because it feels nice to shoot.
i LOVE the sound of the bolt-action rifle... it's just a punctuating sound rifling through the atmosphere, and i can feel the power behind it when i drop a guy from 200 yards out biggrin.gif... the only downside is the 5 shot clip but, having the power to kill 5 people a clip is awesome...

hell, i can feel the power when an enemy has one... when i almost lose all my health in one damn shot, i clearly know what weapon they are using... it's either a sniper rifle, or it's the bolt-action rifle...
Sniper mellow.gif

or the cannon.... tongue.gif
The repeater carbine or w/e it is and the cattleman/volcanic pistol

I also really like the lasso too =D
I just noticed that if you use the buffalo rifle up close on any small animals/birds they sometimes just explode in a puff of blood. Made me lol when I went to shoot a beaver and it just disappeared.
I mostly play MP so my fave weapons and the ones that I use mostly are the golden double action revolver and the bolt action rifle or evens repeater.
Double Action revolver, LeMat Revolver, Semi-Auto Shotgun, and Bolt action Rifle
Those are the ones I use the most.
Dog Mauser Truck
The armored truck. Its fun to play Injun fighter with a water cooled Maxim gun.

Mauser Pistol
Winchester rifle
semiauto shotgun
Carcano sniper
Bolt action rifle
Lemat revolver
Hi power pistol
semiauto pistol.
Has to be the Blunderbus on Undead Nightmare.
QUOTE (TreeFitty @ May 28 2010, 06:46 PM) *
Sniper mellow.gif

or the cannon.... tongue.gif

since ^then^ I've discovered the throwing knives to be a surprisingly good weapon.
bolt action rifle and mauser. I also find the pump shotgun is better than the semi auto. Well, in playing undead overrun it seems to kill zombies better. more damage and accuracy.
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