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PS3 Solomon's Folly Easy XP Glitch
A glitch found by Psy from which makes it super easy to kill the enemies at Solomon's Folly and earn around 1000 to 1800 XP in just 3 minutes by taking over the gang hideout. This glitch makes the enemies lose their AI, so you can run up to them, knife them and do whatever you want and neither they or their buddies will shoot back! Rack up a 20+ kill streak for around 1000 bonus XP. Check out HD proof of what's possible in just 2 minutes:

Suicidal Horses
For some reason all of these horses want to kill themselves... This works near the edge of cliffs and stuff too. Not really a glitch or anything, it's just somewhat amusing.

Single Player Warping Horse Glitch
There was a slight smear on my disk and for some reason whenever I tried to play the first mission in Red Dead Redemption, the horse just kept teleporting forwards and I could spin the camera in a pretty huge circle around the horse. Was fixed after I cleaned the disk, but it's weird to think how something like this could happen just based on a tiny part of the disk not being read correctly because of dirt or whatever. The game seemed fine apart from when I got to that specific area, and it didn't crash or anything, I was just unable to move. Could still shoot and rotate the camera freely. The pause menu items disappeared though.

More coming soon. Feel free to submit ideas for things you want me to record, or any glitches which can be reproduced or whatever.

Horse Traveler Challenge Trick
A somewhat useful trick to help you complete the horse traveler challenges in free mode multiplayer without needing to physically sprint the horse all over the place. The basics of it are to tap sprint until your horse is going fast, hold left or right so it's sprinting in circles, then hold down sprint and with it held down, press start to 'pause' the game. When this happens the horse will keep running around in circles even with nothing pressed. Then just leave it on over night or whatever and in up to 15 hours you'll have covered 300 miles on a horse. You'll barely earn any XP for doing this, so it's pretty pointless, but if you want to complete all of the challenges, this is one way to do it.

How do you make your horse warp? Couldn't figure that one out...
There was dirt on the game disc.
How do you know dirt on the disc was the cause though?
QUOTE (Kuwong @ May 27 2010, 06:54 AM) *
How do you know dirt on the disc was the cause though?

I had a big smear on the disk. Every time I did the first mission that happened. Then I cleaned the disk and it worked fine. Strange. Sorry, I guess I should have put the video descriptions on here. I put them on youtube.
Added a new video. Horse Traveler Challenge Trick. View it ---^
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