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anyone else having trouble getting the wanted poster with mo van barr, on it. ive visited loads of times and it just doesnt appear sad.gif
I've not checked for it yet, but I did see it in the outfit requirements. I'll go look at some point.
Yeah it needs patching.
hopfully they come out with a patch soon, its only an outfit, but when there releasing a special edition, youd think they check that the stuff that comes with it works lol

been reading on the inet, a lot of people are getting it easy while others arnt, im not sure if they'l even issue a patch
its kl i got him, i read on ign boards that if you leave john standing around at the bounty poster spot, mo van barr bounty poster will appear, so i left him standing there and i went for a shower lol and when i came back i got his poster lol
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