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Keep away from

Not that any of you bitches leave here. Hermits.
QUOTE (Asthenia @ May 21 2010, 04:11 PM) *
Keep away from

Not that any of you bitches leave here. Hermits.

Care to elaborate?
the only site i visit is biggrin.gif...
Have you been spoiled even more Ast?
Not even more Kuwong, but the spoilers are out in General over there now... BAMF. Story spoilers. If you haven't finished the story yet you won't realise how fucking MASSIVE the spoiler is... it's a fucking good ending....
Is it like Heavy Rain good?
Along the lines, Fitty. This is a personal view though.... but I'm pretty sure if ya'll knew the ending before playing it you'd be as fucking bummed as me though. Here's to hoping no one does it here. Look out for a Scott Tenorman. He started it all over at
I think I am going to ever stay the fuck away from this forum after this.
The ending... R* did it. They manged to have a meaningful ending with a real sense of finality, but still maintain post-game free-roaming. Somehow, I kept that comment enigmatic and spoiler-free.
Yes, yes they did. I love it!
The story for me got ruined on this forum with a post in the whats your character wearing or whatever thread. Before I saw the ending myself I was mad, but when I saw it, and saw how things played out afterward, I wasn't AS disappointed.

I mean I like Jack and everything, but I was kinda attached to John, seeing as how I played the whole game as him.
^ See, I told him to use spoiler tags...
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