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Full Version: When do we get semiautos? Forums > Red Dead Series > Red Dead Redemption
Dog Mauser Truck
This is getting on my nerves. I've been playing since Tuesday and not one semiauto yet! RRRRRRRRR!!!!!! Additionally, the cheat. 'I'M AN AMERICAN, I NEED GUNS!' DOES NOT work for my PS3. The $20.00 guide has no no data on how to get semiautos.

This game is getting on my nerves, here's my other beef(s):

*No Steamboat at Thieves Landing*
*Unable to Cheat to win the horsecart race*
*Can't kill characters to avoid challenges, thus delaying game progress* Nigel West is a pest!
*Animal rescue is not apart of game* I want to save kittycats and puppy dogs!
*How do you tie the villain to the tracks before the on rushing locomotive?
*No motor vehicles-NOT FUN! Iwant to use use every mode of transport that existed in 1911.

I like this game,its frutrating somebody with poor eyersight and no motorskills. Does Rockstar want another near-fiasco like San Andreas?
  1. Patience, you'll get it eventually
  2. Did you unlock the next area for the steamboat?
  3. Sucks but shame on you
  4. Certain people need to live to complete the game
  5. Not sure how you would "rescue" them
  6. Hog tie them so they can barely move, put them on the tracks when the train is coming.
  7. You need to get to the last area (West Elizabeth)
r u retarded, is he retarded, ur a fool
theirs a semi auto pistol at one of the gun stores i think armidilo or blackwater and u pick up a semi auto shoty some were
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