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Heres a video I made of some stunts on/around the beach area in gtaiv using the sanchez recently.

I love doing some stunts round the beach on the sanchez, I use that area a lot now ive finished the games and i sometimes use it as a little rally stage in the sultan rs. never been able to so anything like what you done there, I find that sort of stuff just throws me off the bike. nice vid man thumbup.gif
Thanks man. Yeah that is one of my fav places to go and just mess around now that I've finished the game I still enjoy driving around trying crazy stunts or finding new places to try jumps etc. I'm still trying to find a decent spot to attempt a triple back flip but so far no luck.
Why did you remove the video?
lol I actually deleted it by accident. i still have it, just need to reupload it and change the link. one of my other friends asked me about that movie the other day too i should re up it soon
Okay.. Keep us posted.
Wanna watch :b
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