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Hi there. Sorry to disturb you guys with such a simple question, but I didn't know where else to turn that would provide me with an accurate depiction of GTA IV's "Free Mode".

Basically, I have a "Games for Windows live Buddy" (No association in real life), who has been nagging me for weeks on end to play "Free mode" with him. Now, I read online after he first asked, and basically what I got is that it's basically a mode that has no goals or restrictions, and allows you to bullshit with other people and do things like kill cops and fly helicopters and shit.

Now is that all it is? Because personally (I think it's my ADD) I don't really like to do much else in a game's online mode besides stuff that accomplishes something (when there is stuff to be accomplished, such as gaining ranks, that is). For instance I play online ranked modes to gain ranks, and to learn how to play each of the scenarios. I play online player matches to build up my skill in each of these matches so I'll be better fit for ranked mode, so I can increase my rank. I know it's rather stupid, but I can't help it - It's just the way I look at games sometimes, and how I view Grand theft Auto IV's online mode - and I have fun doing things in this way. So from my point of thinking is their any point to playing Free mode? Has anyone had positive experiences with free mode and how it could be a source of fun that the other scenarios can't provide? Sorry if my view seems stupid, I just can't help it, and this seemed an appropriate place to ask my question without being judged too harshly.

Thank you for your input!
Well a lot of people turn it into a deathmatch, just shoot, get shot and respawn. But yeah you can do whatever the fuck you want really, the problem is other people can do what they want, so you might find your stunting session cut short by a trigger-happy lunatic intent on killing you.

Oh and, wrong forum. tongue.gif

What Vicey said. No ranking up but it was my addiction (as well as other's) with all the fun. No time limit (usually), no actual goals. Grab all the ammo you can and set up to kill whoever, whenever. Mucho fun.
Eh that sounds kind of intriguing, but with just 2 people (as he wanted to set it up with) I don't think it would be that much fun. Like I said the way he said it was just kill cops, hide out in the lost base, etc... Sounded kind of boring, but with your input it sounds a little better - maybe i'll try it if he is up for making it public instead of private or however ya do that.

Thanks a lot!
Yeah but unless you make it a private game anyone can potentially join, so you may have some noob join who sees you shooting the cops and assumes that you want him to shoot you as well. I usually stock up on a few weapons (M4, uzi for driving) at the beginning of the game to deter possible killers. As I said people don't tend to join in with whatever activity you're playing, they might just want to kill everyone and have a big gunfight.

I was playing TBoGT FR the other day, cruising around in the APC blowing cars up, then someone joined. I initially ignored him and carried on my rampage, but he soon started shooting at my vehicle so I blew him away with the cannon, then he messaged me telling me that he "protects liberty city from shit like me". He then followed me round for the rest of the match trying to kill me, but as i'd stocked up on weapons I killed him every time.
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