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ive been having some problems with my pc lately.

from the second i switch it on until i turn it off, there is a very very loud fan noise ? i think it could be the processor?

but its annoying. is there anyway to fix this ?


EDIT: the noise is there regardless of what the pc is doing. most of the time i just have firefox open and its the noise is there constantly.
It sounds like what was wrong with my PC a while back. What kind of computer is it, specifically, what model?

Also, what is Packard Bell? It that like UK Hewlett-Packard or something?
for you massacre:

might just be a problem with the fan, but i dont have a great knowledge of pc hardware.

and how old is the pc by the way? because acer have owned them since 2008 and i could image theres a lot of acer parts in there if you purchased it after then. I personally know acer parts to be infamously poor when they want to be. but lets not go there.
It's owned by Acer? Well that's why you're having problems, it's a piece of shit.

Anyway, my problem was just excessive fan noise coming from the graphics card, which I got a free replacement for. That might be what's up with yours.
its a packard bell imedia x2415, im sure it was 2008 i bought it, after july sometime.

it is basicly just excesive fan noise, i have no idea where its coming from.
Sharpie Fetish
Download and install Everest Home edition. Click computer, sensor and look what the temperature on your cpu shows between 30c-80c is good and anything above 70c i would say is bad. If this is the case consider getting a new CPU cooler. if the cpu is a average temperature then you could try getting a fan controller and slow down the fans cooling your case itsself.
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