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This is the mission where you destroy the yacht and then you have to get the arms dealers in the boats.

How the fuck do you aim while trying to press W and 8 at the same time? when I get in range the damn helicopter gets too low so I have to try to gain height by pressing W and then moves forward and down for a few seconds. If it is really low it just crashes into the water. Also the mini guns seem to about as much use as firing a pistol.

The closest I came to finishing the mission was when the two remaining boats stopped near the oil refinery. But after a few seconds of not being able to destroy them a message said the arms dealers got away.

This is the first mission that I can't complete - I've done all of the missions in GTA IV and TLAD.
The rockets don't have a cooldown time or ammo limit so you can just hold the fire key and spam them. You don't really have to aim, just fly around it until you eventually hit it. Isn't firing done with the mouse button? Just assign it to a suitable key if it makes it any easier.
the miniguns are actually what i used on this mission to get the fleeing boats... they were more effective because, i could see where the bullets were going so, i knew if i was too high or low to hit them... with the rockets, i had no idea where they were going so, i wasn't nearly as effective...

also, watch out for the incoming rockets as well...
Thanks Guys!

I am such a fuckwit - I had the helicopter mouse control on!

Still not an easy mission but I did it!
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