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Full Version: Logins for GTA4.TV Completion Checklist not working. Forums > Important Information > Website & Forum Problems & Discussion

I'm afraid I cannot seem to login to the GTA4.TV GTA:IV Completion Checklist. I get the error message, "ERROR: Could not login with that User Name & Password. Go back and try again."

I tried re-registering my user account (meson1), which it seems to accept. But I still get the above error message when I try to login. I tried registering a couple of new accounts, which again, it seems to accept. But I still get the above error message when I try to login with those too.

I tried clearing my cache and cookies, but that did not help. I even tried using a different browser (IE instead of Firefox), but the above error message persists.

I presume that there may be a problem with the system which may be affecting everyone. Therefore, I'd like to draw it to your attention.

Kindest regards

Odd, the Lost and Damned one still works. Thanks for letting us know and welcome to iGTA!
I too can't login at the GTAIV checklist - and on my signature on a diff site i had the image for my checklist, it comes up as a blank image now. I also notice when looking at the main site, it says 0 viewers online. Can ANYONE log into the checklist section for either games??

I've been using it everyday for the past week to update my status, and first noticed the problem yesterday. Was hoping it would be fixed today, but still nothing sad.gif

I hope it gets up and running, I love that checklist! Helps me keep track of what I need to do better than any other checklist I've found, and it gives me the percentage completed! (Even tho the game does 2, lmao)
Try logging in now. I believe the issue is fixed.
Excellent. I'm in again now.

Thank you most kindly.

Hi once again.

I fear something is still not quite right. Now when I update the GTA:IV checklist and click the "Save Your Checklist" button, I get the following message:

"Checklist could not be saved. You MUST make changes to the checklist before saving it. Go back and try again."

When you click "back" it takes you back to the checklist where you find that it has, in fact, actually updated the checklist and adjusted the percentage correctly.

Kindest regards

No idea why that's happening, but I'll look into it for you over the next few days smile.gif.
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