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GTA San Andeas
what keys work the hydraulics and how to make them go left and right and lean foward and backwards
Don't you get an on-screen box telling you this? If not, just try all the keys on your keyboard.
The game should have told you which keys pay attention to later missions that will instruct you as to what keys to use or you will have a lot of trouble.

Caesar V
Using the NUMPAD keys:
2 move Down
4 move Left
6 move Right
8 move Up
Combine keys at the same time to move diagonally
4 & 8 Up and Left
6 & 8 Up and Right
2 & 4 Down and Left
2 & 6 Down and Right.
GTA San Andeas
Thanks Nothing Popped Up

And what's Is keys for leaning backwards And Leaning Forwards
I'm having a problem with the lowrider car aswell..
I do know the controls, but the arrows don't start coming! There's music, the controls work, but no arrows..
I'm playing it for the second or third time but it's been awhile and I can't remember what I did to make it work. It's frustrating cause it's actually an easy mission..
I've already tried to change the controls to other keys, but it's still the same.

Can anybody help?
It's always best to make your own Topic so answers don't get confused.
Your machines specs will also be different.

However, the first thing to do, especially when you have not played for a while is Delete the GTA_SA.set file. It is created by the game at the end of every play save. Your computer may have updated a driver, etc and no longer meets the spec saved in the file.
Delete the GTA_SA.set file and reboot then play the game.
Nah, I changed computer, and got a different game.

But I'll make a new topic right away
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