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I can't recruit a couple of Grove street Families gang members. What i have to do??
What do you mean you can't recruit them?
PS2, Xbox, or PC?
You AIM at the gangmember if on the PC press the G key.
Press UP on the D cross of the PS2 while aiming at the gangmember.
The Game should have told you which key/button to press during the Los Sepulcros mission.
You must have enough Respect to recruit gangmembers.
i have up of a half respect, i must have more??? I play it on PC, i press the G key but nothing...
You are holding the Aim button on a Green Shirted person, at the same time you are pressing the G key too(?)
Half respect is plenty, by that stage in the game you should have more than enough. When the mission starts there should be two GSF gang members standing around nearby, but you can recruit any GSF member. Use free aim to target them and then press whichever key you've assigned to up or down.
than u very much guys biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
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