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I thought this was pretty funny. Made me laugh anyway!
Pretty good ad.

Hehe. biggrin.gif
That was pretty entertaining. THe girl with the pearl earring was funny and so was the shark attacking the helo
Do you have to wear special 3D glasses or how the f does it work? When I first heard about 3D television I thought it was a joke. But that was a little while ago. I'm still not 100.00% convinced if it's real, I guess I'll have to see it with my own eyes or have it explained how it work.
You have the internet at your disposal. Use it.

The Samsung TV uses 3D Glasses btw.
Seen that a bit ago. Good stuff.
Ex-PS Fanboy
Tranquility... No, Awesomeness!!!
i'm sure 3D glasses won't work very well for me as I'm almost blind on one eye.
today i was out for a walk. guess what, the nature was fully 3D. whoo.
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