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GTA San Andeas
Hi can anybody tell how to use the keyboard controller in san Andreas and what the keys do this is for pc
Personnaly I use the USB GamePad by Logitech 'Dual Action Controller' with the keyboard:

Note: The number Pad (NumPad) keys are the special keys to the right side of the keyboard. The number keys above the letter keys will not work the same as the NumPad numbers.
If you are using a LapTop they will be Blue keys around the JKL letter keys, which are activated by pressing a Blue Key labeled FN usually on the lower row left side of the keyboard.
Very Important: The Game will tell you which key to press during the cutscene of most New actions. So donít rush through or bypass the cut scenes (at least not during the first time they show.)
When on ―-FOOT――
Using the KEYBOARD:
If someone on the street asks CJ a question press N to reply (NO). Press Y to reply (YES).
To move forward Press the Up Arrow.
To move backward Press the Down Arrow.
To move Left press the Left Arrow.
To move Right press the Right Arrow.
To Zoom IN press the X key
To Zoom OUT press the Z key
V To cycle through the four gameplay camera Views (close to CJ, Farther from CJ, Skyview of CJ, or CJís Eyesight (called first person view)
To make CJ jump or jump up onto something, tap the Left Shift key. (If CJ is too fat he canít jump very high/far, Also, If CJ has a heavy weapon in his hands he cannot jump.)
For CJ to run briefly faster (Sprint), Use the SpaceBar. (If you do the Burglary Side-mission CJ can sprint for ever unless he has a heavy weapon in his hands.
To Aim a weapon press the DEL key.
E selects the Next weapon or Target.
Q selects the Previous weapon or Target
To Fire a weapon press the NumPad 0 key. (zero)
C makes CJ crouch.
G if you aim at a fellow hoodie and tap the G key He may join CJís Personal Gang; how many that will join CJ depends on his Respect level. (G = Recruit)
G if you already have a fellow gang-member(s) he will move closer or follow CJ. If you hold this key too long he will leave.
H recruited gang members will Leave.
To do actions, like pickup/exchange an item, press the TAB key.
To look behind CJ press the NumPad 1 key. (one)
You May Also Use:
Left CTRL Key to Fire.
ENTER key to select Next Weapon/Target
The DOT (Decimal Point) key on the NumPad to select the Previous Weapon/Target.
W to move Forward
S to move Backward
A to move Left
D to move Right
Zoom In using the PGUP key
Zoom Out using the PGDN key
Enter/Exit a vehicle using the RETURN key
Chang Camera View (V) by using the HOME key
Jump by using the Right CTRL key
Aim Weapon using the CAPS LOCK key.
Fire = Left Mouse Button (LMB)
Next Weapon/Target = roll mouse wheel UP (MWU)
Previous Weapon/Target = roll mouse wheel DOWN (MWD)
Zoom In = MWU.
Zoom Out = MWD.
Aim Weapon = Right Mouse Button (RMB)
Look Behind = Middle Mouse Button (MMB)
Fire = Right CTRL Key also LMB
Secondary (other fire) = Left CTRL key
Go Faster = W
Brake or Reverse = S
Turn Left = A (or left Arrow)
Turn Right = D (or Right Arrow)
Steer Forward or Dive = Up Arrow
Steer Back or Climb = Down Arrow
Enter or Exit Vehicle = F (or RETURN key)
If you are offered a Trip Skip (you have already attempted a long travel mission and failed.) press the Y key.
Select the Next Radio Station Ė INS key, or 4 key, or MWU.
Select the Previous Radio Station = DEL key, or R key, or MWD.
Horn/Siren = CAPS LOCK, or H
To Activate or Cancel a Sub-Mission = 2, or NumPad + key.
To change the Camera View = HOME key or V.
Handbrake (or 4Wheel steering on some vehicles) = SPACE bar or Right CTRL key.
Look Behind = the Q and E keys at the same time. Or the MMB.
Look to the Left = Q key
Look to the Right = E key.
In some situations you have to use Special keys such as the LowRider Jumping Car competitions:
Special Control Left = NumPad 4
Special Control Right = NumPad 6
Special Control Up = NumPad 8 (or DEL key)
Special Control Down = NumPad 2 (or END key)
To jump up & Left = NumPad 4 and 8 at same time.
To jump up & Right = NumPad 6 and 8 at same time.
To Jump down & Left = NumPad 4 and 2 at same time.
To Jump down & Right = NumPad 6 and 2 at the same time.
REFERENCE pages 7 to 10 in the City Guides Manual that came with the game.

GTA San Andeas
Thanks So Much!!!!
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