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Pros are it runs pretty much the same as gtaiv and all, one con I noticed so far (pc version I'm playing on) is that multi-player models are lacking. Theres not many selections to choose from to customize your appearance as in GTAIV. Pros = the apc, skydiving, higher chopper altitude, some cool new vehicles+chopper+new weapons.

Heres a short clip from some multi-player action earlier tonight with 3 friends in free mode when we had a 6 star going for about 30 mins or so before any of us died. lol.

(and yes its taylor swift metal version hahahah)
I love the addition of parachutes, it makes it easier to escape a high rise that you've been sniping people from.

Plus the weapons are fucking dope.
The new deathmatch areas - although I haven't tried them yet - seem very restricted, they should've kept the original areas too and added these. Also, why can't you select the respawn distance option in free roam? I'm pissed off with people respawning next to me when i'm trying to get away from some pointless firefight and pistoling me.
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