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Full Version: Pete Steele is dead?!? Forums > General > Entertainment

Holy crap! Me and my wife (and her girlfriend) are shocked! Do you care?
RIP. Damn, sad day for the rockers out there.
While it might be drug related, people of his height often have heart conditions.
Darth Sexy
He has indeed died. Never been a fan of Type O Negative, but still, sucks he's dead.
I think we all expected him to die in jail or from suicide or an overdose. But heart failure? Pretty lulz.
Couldn't really tell you what Type O negative sounds like. Have heard OF them though. Id prolly recognize some songs. Too bad. 48 is pretty younge to die.
Handsome B Wonderful
I didn't like Type O Negative at all, but Carnivore (his first band in the 80's) was kinda hilarious.

Also, steer well clear of his Playgirl spread.
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