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Can you use handling editors (handling.dat) in multiplayer or do you risk a ban from live? Me and some friends want to try doing some drift videos with like 4 of us but I dont know the way rockstar works with things like that. (no ranked races obviously or anything, just free roam stuff drifting)

Anyone know the skinny on it?
I wouldn't risk it on console unless you have no regard for your ID tag or whatever. This would be so much easier to do on a PC.
It's entirley up to you though.
I wouldn't risk it. But that's me.
I'm using PC version, but I dont want to do it if it would risk a ban. We're not trying to cheat anyone (these would be private slot multi in free mode) with some friends just making video clips for fun. Hmm, maybe I should ask rockstar directly and get an "official" reply.

Its a mod to the game, so I know other games (such as counter-strike, left 4 dead, etc etc) allow for mods to be used on private servers (not in competitions against un-mod'd people) So I cant see it being a problem unless it was used maliciously ya know?
imagine three or four people doing mad drifts and using the video editor to do some cool camera angles and shit. (this is just gameplay vid) standard infernus isnt gonna drive that like that :/

Yeah it is fine on Pc, but you'd have to find a way of playing on a private server, because moded games cannot get on the Rockstar network or servers.
Yeah the reply I got from RS was "we dont support it since its mod" so its a no go unless you can figure out how to not go through their servers. Apparently there is some type of file check or something. If you know how to get around that please let me know, I wanna make some vids with a few friends who also mod their car handling.dat
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