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this has to be the best thing i have ever seen in a GTA game, and i would love to know if the developers KNEW this could happen or not

Right i was doing the assassin missions a few months ago and i had a helicopter and i kinda crash landed but propellers didnt break and i fell in like a compound type thing with those like big boxes in that you find some pidgeons in, anyway i was going back to my heli and i saw some black guy going towards the door and i thought WTF this guy is going to steal my heli, but as i got in he got on the side like you do in hangmans noose, i was like WTF is he doing

he stayed on all the way to pegorinos house and even after i started the mission he was still cotching on it, so i thought i would take a pic as i thought that was pretty epic just having some random guy in your heli lol

sorry for bad pic though only had my phone handy without searching through all my crap lol

hope you guys find this as funny and as epic as i did when it happened to me lol

I've never experienced that or have heard about it.
Interesting. Have not seen that in any of my plays.

You can also add it to our gallery if you would like:
Fucking Mexicans! They'll find a way in somehow.
Haha! I remember when I was playing and a cop got in a taxi and drove me back to my safehouse. tongue.gif
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