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Do I choose to update or not? v3.21
Oh, that's the one that removes the other OS feature. I never did install another one, you'll need to update to be able to use the PSN. (And play in the deathmatch on Monday.)

(Whats happening with the fucking word filters?! You ad-mod-min cunts.)

the only people this update will piss off is the 1% of PS3 users who have actually installed linux on their hard drive... it won't effect the rest of us... quite frankly, i am surprised there was even an option of installing another OS...

but, this update is to prevent piracy... recently, the guy who hacked the iphone hacked the PS3... and the way he did it was by using the linux OS... so, sony smartly is going to remove this feature to prevent piracy...

i'm all for it... piracy has gotten really bad in recent years... i don't think the PC will ever get rid of the problem but, microsoft has already been banning modded 360's and playstation is trying to take care of this problem before it even gets started... thus far, sony has prevented modding but, now that this loophole has been exposed, they're going to close it before it becomes a problem...

if you own a PS3slim, this feature was already removed... this update is to remove the feature from the PS3fat owner's XMB...
I read through all the details before going ahead with the update and decided that what it was removing didn't affect me anyway, plus like Vicey said - you're fucked if you don't install it. Piracy is getting stupid now and I'm all for this too.
I updated. I don't care much for the Linux OS. I much prefer new games.
Suppose i'd better update it before I forget and Monday arrives.
bOnEs pretty much got it right.

i really don't care. it's just another update with uninteresting (to me) stuff. here is the full changelog:

and apparently someone already hacked it:
LOL, nice work zooming in on his own IP address.

Nevermind it seems it's probably a proxy anyway.
Amazing how someone found a way around it so quickly.
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