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Well, another "2" game. Seriously, the last couple months I've played Modern Warfare 2, Left For Dead 2, Assassin's Creed 2, and just started the Godfather 2. Somehow or another I missed Mass Effect 2. I'll probably get to that later this year.

Anyway, Just Cause 2 comes out later this month. The demo's been released on PSN and XBL and I just went and preordered my copy from Gamestop.

The first Just Cause had mixed reviews - from being mindless fun to glitchy as hell. I really enjoyed the first one, although I've never owned it and it's been about 3 years since I last played it. This was my roommate in college's first 360 game and we played the hell out of it. Huge island levels to explore and a badass grappling hook to connect to everything. IT was a lot of fun. I actually just bought a used copy of the first game to hold me over until the Just Cause 2 is released on 3/23.

I downloaded the demo last night. It gives you 30 minutes to do whatever you please on the island. There's a mission set there for you to play if you choose and it serves as a quick tutorial, but I omitted the mission and jumped off the side of a mountain, plummeted to the ground before pulling my parachute and landing on the roof a jeep driving down the road, then throwing the driver out and hijacking it like nothing happened. It's amazing. The controls are very easy to get used to and the game is very lenient when it comes to the concept of physics. I spent a small portion of my time in the demo fighting the tan-skinned bad guys by shooting at them, throwing them around with my grappling hook, and blowing them the hell up in the totally interactive environment.

It kind of reminded me of the control scheme for the Saboteur. It felt familiar and that's something I instantly liked. At first I was thrown off by the Hispanic lead character, but I'm thinking he'll kind of grow on me.

I went and pre-ordered the game at Gamestop so I get the Monster Truck and bad ass pistols. A friend of mine pre-ordered his from Wal-mart so he could get the Hovercraft bonus.

Here's some videos of the ridiculous fun to be had:

Here's some of the achievement list; some pretty interesting shit.

Gaining a Foothold (10 points)
Complete 3 stronghold takeovers

Conqueror of Panau (20 points)
Complete 9 stronghold takeovers.

A Trusted Ally (20 points)
Complete 49 faction missions.

First Taste of Chaos (10 points)
Cause chaos for the first time.

Saboteur (10 points)
Complete 150 sabotages.

Destroyer (20 points)
Complete 1000 sabotages.

Professional Hitman (20 points)
Assassinate 25 colonels.

Globetrotter (20 points)
Discover 100 locations.

Freeroamer 1 (10 points)
Reach 100% complete in 15 locations.

Freeroamer 2 (20 points)
Reach 100% complete in 100 locations.

Body Count (15 points)
Kill 750 enemies.

Unarmed and Dangerous (15 points)
Kill 50 enemies using melee attacks.

Gravity is a *****! (15 points)
Kill 30 enemies by using the grappling hook and making them fall to their death.

Follow Me! (15 points)
Kill 5 enemies by dragging them behind a vehicle with the grappling hook.

Hang 'em High! (15 points)
Kill 30 enemies while they're suspended in the air with the grappling hook.

Wrecking Ball (15 points)
Kill 5 enemies by smashing them with an object tethered to your vehicle with the grappling hook.

Piñata Party (15 points)
Kill 5 enemies with the melee attack while they're suspended with the grappling hook.

Juggler (15 points)
Kill 30 enemies while they're in mid air.

Road Rage (10 points)
Kill 30 enemies by mowing them down with vehicles.

Marksman (15 points)
Kill 50 enemies with head shots.

Killing Frenzy (20 points)
Kill 20 enemies in 60 seconds.

Invincible Warrior (20 points)
Kill 50 enemies in a row with inventory weapons without losing health.

Destruction Frenzy (10 points)
Destroy 30 objects in 60 seconds.

Test Driver (10 points)
Drive 30 different vehicles.

Trying Everything Once (25 points)
Drive all 104 vehicles.

Road Trip (20 points)
Travel 75 kilometers by land vehicle.

Please Step Out of the Vehicle (10 points)
Hijack 50 enemy vehicles.

Stunt Driver (10 points)
Get 100 stunt driver points.

Parachute Climber (10 points)
Open the parachute and then land on foot 300 meters above the starting height.

I Believe I Can Fly (10 points)
Base jump 1000 meters.

Bridge Limbo (20 points)
Fly an airplane under 30 unique bridges in Panau.

Stunt Flyer (10 points)
Fly an airplane close to the ground for 30 seconds.

Perfectionist (25 points)
Reach 75% completion in the normal mode or mercenary mode.

Top of the World (10 points)
Stand on foot on the highest point of Panau
yea, i tried the demo out and came away impressed with the physics... you can almost do anything you want... i crashed a helicopter into a water tower and took it down... i hooked peds to cars and watched them get dragged off... and i tried to take cars off of insane jumps too... you can shoot across the map by just using the grappling hook...

but, with all the fun, i still had some concerns... there's no cover system, no auto-aim, the weapon selection is too confusing, and YOU CAN'T SHOOT FROM A MOVING VEHICLE!! you have to literally jump on the hood to return fire... but, then no one is driving... the game wants you to blow up shit but, the police are relentless and there's always too damn many to fight... you just have to drive off and try to shake them...

like i said a while back, i'll wait until the summer before i consider buying this... i might rent it though before then if i see a copy and nothing else worthy to rent... i figured you'd be interested in it though, stoic... i thought this game was right up your alley...
On a side note, I JUST received Just Cause 1 in the mail. Now I have to cancel my evening plans.
QUOTE (Stoic Person Eater @ Mar 10 2010, 01:24 PM) *
On a side note, I JUST received Just Cause 1 in the mail. Now I have to cancel my evening plans.

Loved that game.
I was almost 100% complete, but the races....strange.
Even one of my GTA friends who is also a 100% guy
couldn't get the races, but everything else we did.

Looking forward to #2. Nice write up Stoic. cool.gif
QUOTE (Stoic Person Eater @ Mar 10 2010, 03:40 PM) *
At first I was thrown off by the Hispanic lead character, but I'm thinking he'll kind of grow on me.

Fucking Mexicans.

I need another open-world game, and I love South America. I'll take your word for how awesome this is and preorder it this weekend.
I played the beginning of Just Cause 1 last night and found it less exciting than I remember. Granted, I only played through the first few missions which serves as the tutorial pretty much. I played up until I got the grappling gun, so things will likely get better from here on out. I did do a little running around with the grappling gun and found the one main difference from JC and the Just Cause 2 Demo is that the grappling gun in the first game can only attach to vehicles while in the sequel you can attach to anything; buildings, trees, structure, cliff face or solid object. It really makes a big difference.

Once the second game comes out, there will be no going back to the first. That be like playing Assassin's Creed after playing Assassin's Creed 2. Not possible.
I played the first Just Cause a lot last night. It's really a lot of fun. Once you get past the graphics and small bugs (my favorite was running into a car at full speed on a motorcycle, flying through the air standing up, and landing on my feet, smooth) there is a really fun game. The flying aspects of the game are beautiful, as well as the parachuting/freefalling. I'm really trying to finish this game before the 23rd, because I probably won't ever touch it again when the second comes out. I'm not even playing the demo for the second one again until I actually get the game.

I played the demo of JC2 a few times and I even put down a pre-order for the LE from Shopto. The more I think about it though, the more I think, is it just going to be the same repetitive thing the whole way through? Sure you see new scenery and new vehicles but I think once you've come up with your attack method, it's going to be the same thing for every base you walk in to. The whole open world mayhem reminds me of Crackdown, which I loved, but if it's like Crackdown, I might as well play Crackdown... I'm keeping my pre-order down for now, but I can see myself cancelling it.
Never played Crackdown. Not sure that every mission will "be the same". From playing through the first few missions of the first game, there is plenty of variety to be had. You can do just about anything. If you want to limit yourself to the same strategy for beating the missions, but all that shows is a lack of creativity and not exploring all the features of the game. Also, I'm sure it has plenty of thrills and twists to force you to mix things up.
Well from what I can tell from the demo all you do is blow up petrol tanks and satellite dishes, which I guess shows the shittiness of a 30 minute time limit for such an open-ended game.
Just pre-ordered. Nigger.
Tried the demo. the game is pretty good.
The demo was a hell of a lot of fun. I had a blast driving. The physics are amazing and the crashes are fucking glorious! I love shooting my grappling hook into an enemy's head and pulling him toward me. It's just a blast. I think I'll buy it!
edit: After watching those videos in the OP, I've officially decided to buy the game. Gonna be getting it the day it comes out.
there's literally almost endless possibilities it seems in this game... the tools, the environment, and the physics all seem like an empty canvas, just waiting for you to paint... i can see myself getting very creative with this one biggrin.gif...

too bad there isn't a multiplayer mode mad.gif...
Yeah, this game just keeps getting better. I've tooled around with the demo a little more, it BLOWS the first one away. I'm trying to plow through the first one, but it's EXTREMELY difficult to do. The freedom in this game is unprecedented. You can literally go anywhere by any means necessary.

Also, be sure to do this. I spent 30 minutes just doing this:

This guy is kind of a faggot though. You can ride the propane tanks until they explode.
Has anybody found a helicopter yet? I spent like 20 minutes straight bombing and gunning the whole area! It was sooo much fun, especially when the military copters come and fight me. I annihilate them
I've found the plane, but I haven't found the helicopter.

I've flown 4 different types of helicopters now. There are from what I know 4 on landing pads around the map.
you can also use your grappling hook on one flying by... that's how i got mine biggrin.gif... a hijacking in mid-air...
Mid-air hijacks are the bee's knees.
You mean cat's pajamas.
The turkey's titties.
That, I have not heard before. Nice one.
I'm just about to go for my 6th full runthrough of the demo. So addicting.

That was EPIC. Nice find Bones. Can't wait for this shit.
when is this coming out? i played the demo... but i dont know what to expect, i mean... the story doesnt seem very good but ill admit i had fun just exploding stuff and stealing cars... I might get it if it comes out when theres nothing else i want.
It comes out next week.
Yeah, I played about 4 rounds of the demo last night. I love flying the planes. The helicopter's controls are still a bit wonky to me.

I've got the hang of targeting, using the grappling hook effectively (and deadly) and busting out some sick kamikaze action.

I can't wait til Tuesday.
i couldn't find anymore cool videos on youtube... that bus trick though, he must of been using a spawn cheat or something because, how in the hell did he get 20 buses together like that?! has anyone else tried to link a few rides together like that? it'd be cool to hook a bunch of cars to an airplane and take off with it...
Last night I attached a single barrel to a plane and the controls were TOTALLY thrown off. It was like I was towing an elephant.
Ex-PS Fanboy
This game seemed good, but they need to do a better job explaining what the hell you're supposed to do. I found myself running around in the middle of Buttfuck-Idaho for most of the demo, then after about 20 minutes I found a base and just started shooting shit.
It's a free roam game, with missions included. Do the mission in the game.
Yeah, it's pretty easy to find a mission if you actually pay attention. Open the map or PDA and you'll find tons of great info, descriptions of everything you come across in the game, and mission info telling you where to go.
I've been trying to focus on the missions, but by the time you blow up all the shit (cause CHAOS) to get your first mission, you barely have enough time to complete the mission. I've spent a lot of time working on my flight skills, both in the plane and helicopter. I REALLY want to check out the cities. In the first game, they weren't much, but they look much larger this time. It'll be nice to zip to the top of a sky scraper. I can also see myself flying planes into certain buildings just because I've been waiting for a terrorist simulator.
I fitted in the mission just fine. I just went to one of the tanks, blew stuff up which quickly gets you to the mission.
I haven't found any tanks yet. Pretty much avoided any kind of 4-wheel vehicle so far.
This comes out tomorrow. I've watched a few gameplay videos online, it looks even more fucking amazing than in the demo.

Can't wait to get into the cities and start crashing Jumbo Jets into skyscrapers. Oh yeah, and doing missions and shit too.
Fucking YES.
Omg, hell yeah. Sorry, FUCK YEAH!!!! I can't wait to go Al Qaida on Panau's ass.
I'm picking this up at lunch. Also debating quitting my job to spend some time playing today...
Picking this up in the next hour. Playing this every day in the next two months.
damn you guys... i might rent this in the next few weeks if i get bored... but, i'm working my way through GTAIV again, going for 100% again because, the trophies were released after i got it the first time...

this game is still on my radar though for a summer purchase... just, not for right now...
... And now it's in my hand, soon to be in my 360.
Holy shit.
QUOTE (Massacre @ Mar 23 2010, 01:59 PM) *
Holy shit.

Good? I'm sitting here at work thumbing the manual like a set of titties.
The end of the first mission has a bigger set of explosions than most GTA missions that you can't do until the end of the game. I'm having a lot of trouble aiming, though, and I'm not sure why.
I'm mostly just grappling over to enemies and beating the shit out of them.

I'm actually having a lot of trouble with the controls in general, but I think it's just because I've been doing nothing but PC gaming since I beat Mass Effect 2. I hope to get the hang of it soon.

Hey Stoic, just giving you a heads up, even though you get a code to unlock Rico's gun, you still have to pay for it. Fucking bullshit.
i too had problems with the controls in the demo... i think it's just going to take some getting used to... but, i still didn't have a grasp on it near the end of the demo, nor could i figure out the weapon selection... but, all games just take a couple of hours to get used to... i recall struggling for a while with the new GTAIV controls...
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