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I would like to finish this game again. I think that these time I will try to play with First Person mod have anyone tried it? I will also turn off all huds.

For sure I will need to use some better textures mod's. For weapons I'm thinking aobut these

are there some better weapon textures?

Maybe I will also use bullet time mod cause it sounds fun especially in some shooting missions.

Any other mods are interesting to intense the game experience?
I recommend all of those textures Millenia made, they all look nice in-game, especially the chrome Desert Eagle (believe me, I was skeptical because I wanted to use the black one, but chrome really looks best in-game).

I wouldn't recommend the first person view mod, however. It's trying to make the game into something it's not meant to be. I just don't see how it's any kind of improvement.

These are the mods I use:


* Ultimate Graphics Tweak - adds any of the following. Depth of field, motion blur, smoothed shadows.
(Mod listing at GTAGarage)

* New Alpha Blending Texture - Minimizes the translucent look of many textures in the game (including trees and car grilles) that causes them to look sort of 'spotty', especially when viewed from a distance.
(Mod listing at GTAGarage)

* Colored Radio Hud - Exactly what it says on the tin, it replaces the black and white radio logos on the HUD with colored equivalents. It's a small change but you really notice it in-game.
(Mod listing at GTAGarage)


* MP5K-PDW Model - A great replacement for the MP-10.
(Mod listing at GTAGarage)

* Glock-22 sound replacement
(Video on YouTube)

* Weapon Realism Mod - I'm delving into shameless self promotion here since this is my mod, but honestly, this is the only mod of its type I'm aware of that corrects the oddities in the game's weapons and makes them more powerful without going way overboard and trying to turn the game into a tactical shooter or something. Anyway, the key changes made here are:

* Longer effective range for all weapons but especially the rifles. (Meaning that shotguns are no longer utterly useless if you're across the street from your target)
* The shotguns are significantly more powerful.
* The automatic weapons have significantly higher rates of fire.
* The Glock now has the specs of a Glock 22 like it should (.40 caliber, 15 round mag), the Desert Eagle has more recoil but is more powerful, the bug causing the MP-10 to fire a lot more slowly when blindfired has been fixed, etc.
(Mod listing at ModDB)
Thank's man. Nice post wink.gif
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