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Not to repeat myself, but I've fairly new to the San Andreas game as i mentioned.
The thing I noticed about many challenges is that you need to finish some others before the game will let you beat a given challenge.
Take for instance killing Tenpenny's partner ( he goes from the ghost town behind the damn and drives towards San Ferrio;
I chased that guy with the sandrail till I was blue in the face to no avail - I hit 'em with rockets (nothing happened)Then I got the air field challenges finished (mentioned below), and just like that it was easy as a slice of cake. thumbup.gif
I attempted to get on the plane at the desert air field several times and never got close enough to it to even think I could do it, but after I finished everything else well all of a sudden there was this sand storm to slow that plane down and I was on it in a flash. snf (31).gif
I beginning to think thats why I couldn't get the monster truck thing done, but I attempted to do it again with the frame limiter and wide screen on but no dice Jumpy.gif
I've got 78.61 % finished
108 missions (580 tries)
cash 99999999 ( I like to play the horses )
Whoa.... You still havn't done the 'Monster Truck' mission, yet you have gotten to the 'High Noon" mission?

"high noon": Chasing Polaski is merely following him until he runs off the road/into a sighnbuilding then letting him have it.
(If you have the Mini-Gun you can flatten his tyres from the Graveyard..
'Stow-away' tap the W to go faster else, Use the mini-gun to blow up the plane. A quirk in the programming will allow you to enter the wreck(which may become invisible0 and complete the mission.

thumbup.gif Finished off Polaski in end game yesterday! blush.gif Did the monster challenge a day or two after I got the tip bro...Thanks again! notworthy.gif
I have a PC with gamepad - no W 1234 is how I roll, so tap the 2 instead of just holding it down, yes?
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