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As you may know I've had a bit of trouble getting a decent time in the monster truck challenge.
Someone told me to turn off my frame limiter, and that knocked off about 15 seconds, but it still seemed to take a too long, so I tried switching some of the other advanced options for display - tonight I turned off the widescreen feature and noticed I could get to the gas station in under 4 miniute a improvement of at least a minute from any previous attempts.
I'm off to get it done after I find that pesky last oyster.
Later GLOT
thumbup.gif Oh Yea! I got that thing done with style, well third isn't so bad. under five minute the first try with the widescren option turned off. I'm in flight school, and have plenty of time in a crop duster and float plane. WOO Frickin' HOOOOOOOOOOO!
Learning to fly
All are timed trials to acquire s70%=Bronze // 85%=Silver // 100%=Gold

1 Takeoff <45 sec //<37.5 sec // <30 sec
2 Land Plane <40 sec //<32.5 sec //< 25 sec
3 Circle Airstrip <75 sec //<67.5 sec //< 60 sec
4 Circle Airstrip and Land <95 sec //<87.5 sec //< 80 sec
5 Helicopter Takeoff <60 sec //<52.5 sec //< 45 sec
6 Land Helicopter <45 sec //<37.5 sec //< 30 sec
7 Destroy Targets <105 sec //<92.5 sec //< 80 sec
8 Loop the Loop <27 sec //<24 sec //< 21 sec
9 Barrel Roll <23 sec //<20.5 sec //< 18 sec
10 Parachute onto Target <70 sec //62.5 sec //< 55 sec
Completing the tests with a Silver level earns you a Stunt Plane.
Getting Gold in all the tests adds an Army Hunter Heliocopter
Thanks Weasel - Already finished the first run, but will go back and redo the tests to obtain the stunt plane -
do they spawn at the airfield?
Yes. The Stunt plane will be parked next to the Rustler Hanger, and If you make gold the Hunter will be parked next to the stunt plane
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