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Full Version: Would like a list of all Pedestrians/Prostitutes with (nick)names and pics Forums > GTA III Series > GTA San Andreas
I've been searching the internet for a while looking for a list/chart of all the bystanders (pedestrians & prostitutes), with pics and (nick)names in the game to no avail. Does anyone have a link where I could find something of this nature? Did the programmers have (nick)names for the civilians? Were the citizens based off of some of the programmers and/or people they knew?
I'm sure R* has names for the different character models but no one that I know of has made a list of them as you describe. Not a popular thing I guess. Why do you want/need this list?

v I think below me is more what you are after v
Was looking for something else and came across this:
I saw Will Smith over in San Ferro, he was wearing a white stripped purple long sleaved shirt and blue or black chino's.
6 shooter
Even in the closing credits/game booklet they're all listed as 'pedestrians' or 'stunts'...
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