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Hello all! I'm new here.
After I have completed the last mission, Zero missions and the Driving shool (which unlocks Wang Cars after a few Cesar Vialpando missions) I still have around 59 percent. I expected maybe 75% or 60%.

I was thinking its because I compleated the story before I bought Zero's shop and completed Driving school.
First I completed all story missions but there were 2 marks on my map (mission marks that don't disspear when you're not in the area). So I went to the LS airport and flew to San Fierro. Before I finished those two, I looked at my stats and saw 58 percent compleated. I believed that its because I didn't complete sub-missions and after I finished them all, the percentage just raised to 59.something. (maybe 59.87%)

I have bought just 2 safe houses, I haven't completed the first import list, GSF holds about half of the map, I've only completed Ambulance mission, there is no mission mark on the mini-map and I have 360.000$

So my question is: How much percentage you can get if you finish all missions and is my percentage normal?

Thank you!
Although it doesn't calculate for you, you can try this checklist:
QUOTE (TreeFitty @ Jan 6 2010, 04:39 PM) *
Although it doesn't calculate for you, you can try this checklist:

Oh crap. Maybe 59.87% is real. I will finish all things on the check list and Ill say my percentage.
Thanks for your reply biggrin.gif
There are 1,000's of things to do in San Andreas. The collectibles alone can take you over a month to gather if you only concentrate on those.
If you use the maps and copy them to a paint screen while marking 'em as you go you can get the Tags done in a couple of hours. You should have the gang territories taken over though.
Spapshots are on San Fierro, but you'll need to open up the bridges to get the last few of those. That and the maveric helo helps with the ones on the ships. I took my snapshot on the ship next to the import docks while getting the Patriot had to act fast after killing all those gaurds, but pulled it off by heading up the freeway ramp to the pay and spray after avoiding several FBI SUVs
If you've gotten through the driving challenges with Ceasor you'll be on to the MOnster truck challenge and open up Los Venturas, other wise you'll get 4 stars every time you touch land over there. As for those horseshoes, well, that you'll need to get a jet pack ( I haven't got there yet) I've only gotten 59% and just started flying and the Gravel pit challenges.
Oh yea, the oysters are a bit tricky too you'll need to get Las Venturus open to get the last of those as well ( I took a while to find my last one, its under a waterfall)
Good luck!
Taking the photo ops can all be done without openning the bridges. You just have to stand in the right places. some of them can be taken without even seeing them, if you know where to look.

There is also SAMA for finding missing collectables:
Thanks everyone for the tips. notworthy.gif

I've finished ALL races and got 1 000 000$!!!!!!
I never knew that!

So I'm buying safehouses like crazy. My percentage now is about 75.-% - 85.-%
yay smile.gif
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