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I'm a slave to Lucifer.
I'm Rockstar's bitch. I paid for their games and then I worked my ass off in their games for no pay.
Walther PPK

Silly huh? Well you obviously don't watch CNN.

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IF you own gadgets as I DO you own these people. These people live in a cell at the factory. Sure they call it a dorm but look at it:

Want to work and LIVE there, to work there you must live in the dorm.

I guess I am just being silly.
QUOTE (Walther PPK @ Jun 8 2010, 07:15 PM) *
Silly huh? Well you obviously don't watch CNN.

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IF you own gadgets as I DO you own these people. These people live in a cell at the factory. Sure they call it a dorm but look at it:

Want to work and LIVE there, to work there you must live in the dorm.

I guess I am just being silly.

First and foremost, you can't watch CNN and then volunteer an indictment against the Red Chinese republic. IE; "I may be a leftist extremist with a liberal agenda, but I'm not that extreme!"

Second, you can't look at an issue like that. All you're doing is comparing American values to Red Scum values at worse then face value. You seem to approach this with an attitude that they should be living here;

but in reality the alternative to those so-called dorms (really just a Red Haven for breeding new, more virulent strains of Communism) is this;

Starting American wage for an average factory job is about 15 dollars an hour. For the more intense ones, such as high tech and hazardous materials, it's not uncommon to make 30 or more, or even a salary. And there is benefits. All the Reds need to clear up that nasty infection is just a booster-shot of Democracy. As I have already stated earlier, as you move further and further away from God Blessed America, you see more and more chains of human bondage. But remember, America (Fuck Yeah) is that big scary slave holding country from a distant past. BOO! HISS! People hate America (Amen) so much because they can. Nobody hates those Red Dogs because it's more then likely you'll be killed, or at the very least have the government brazenly open your personal accounts and see who else to butcher. And then mail you the bill for the bullets.

Does life in Pinko-Commie Land suck? Fuck yeah. People risk their lives, their health, everything they own to leave, and not just to America. They flee to anywhere that isn't part of the Red Tide. Thailand, Malaysia, any of the 'Stans, Europe, they take what they can get. My landlord was born and in the Wasteland of Communist China but came here and became a Postman, a hardworking American, and bought property. He likes baseball and hamburgers and has a beautiful wife he imported from home, assumably for an extra-large bag of rice. He's doing his part, are you?
^ I didn't find anything to disagree on.

QUOTE (Walther PPK @ Jun 9 2010, 01:15 AM) *
Silly huh? Well you obviously don't watch CNN.

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IF you own gadgets as I DO you own these people. These people live in a cell at the factory. Sure they call it a dorm but look at it:

Want to work and LIVE there, to work there you must live in the dorm.

I guess I am just being silly.

I own gadgets made in China but I don't know the working conditions at the factories. Not all are bad but some are worse. I don't feel like I support slavery. My gadgets might come from a decent factory. sleep.gif

The Dutch version of Santa (basicly the original Santa) uses black slaves to hand out the presents. I love it.
QUOTE (NCP @ Dec 29 2010, 09:34 AM) *
The Dutch version of Santa (basicly the original Santa) uses black slaves to hand out the presents. I love it.

I prefer the Austrian Krampus myself.
That's great!
Technically everyone in western societies is a slave to the corporations serving as our governments.

I personally do not oppose the type of system it is but the fact it is kept secret and people are deceived to keep them ignorant of it certainly implies that most people are being used by their governments without their consent and have no real voice in how those corporations operate using money generated or directly provided by the tax paying citizens(workers).

If people have no real choice and do not even know that they have legal persons attached to them which are owned by the corporations that serve as our governments and which the corporations profit from without sharing with the people it should count as slavery in my view.

I have no problem with the corporatocracy itself but the way this one is run bothers me as the people are not truly given a choice but rather are deceived into ignorantly allowing the corporations to have power over them that those corporations have no lawful right to enforce on men and women, only legal persons.

Not educating the people on the difference between a legal person and a human being is a clear sign of purposeful deceit.

Allow me to help people out a bit with some legal definitions:

Legal Person - a fiction: created at birth and registered with the government corporation and thus is subject to corporate policy(civil law) and Constitutional personal rights.

Man, woman or human being - a freeman on land only subject to common law and human rights.

Must - may: You must pay this amount of money actually legally means you may chose to pay this amount of money.

Notice - Offer to discuss terms of contract in question: Dear Mr. or Mrs.(legal title addressing your legal person) Whateverson you owe us xxxx dollars and this is your final notice, please contact us within so many days;

That actually means - This is your final chance to take up our offer(notice) to discuss(negotiate) how much you are going to pay us, not replying to this offer within the x amount of days specified means you agree to the conditions(amount of money) we have offered you and you are legally bound to those conditions.

If you get a bill in the mail stating that it is a notice contact them quickly and negotiate how much you owe them, usually they will deal with you and save you a lot of money as they would rather have some money than none - if you ignore their final notice then your legal person becomes legally bound to pay that stated amount exactly as is and they sick a collection agency on you and can take action against you in civil law court.

I managed to reduce a large legal bill by almost 75% by doing this, I just told them I did not have the money to pay fully and this was what I could and would pay and if they did not like it they would get nothing but fees from the collection agencies and possibly a headache court case.

Submit - bend to ones will.

Application - Beg:

So submitting an application for a job is legally seen as begging for the job and the submission of the application itself is indicating that you are willing to do whatever the corporation wants you to do and understand all possible consequences and benefits of accepting the job. Ironically most begging for a job is voluntarily submitted... laugh.gif

Registration - transfer of ownership in which the prior owner retains a title of ownership but not actual possession: registering your vehicle means the government now owns it and is tasking you as the title holder(custodian or legal guardian) to maintain and operate their vehicle according to their rules.

Same thing with registering a child's legal person at birth which transfers ownership of that legal person(attached to that child for life) to the government while the parents simply are tasked with taking care of the governments children according to their rules as the legal guardians - and they can take them away from you if you do not take care of their legal persons the way they want you to.

Police Officer - Contractual Corporate Policy Enforcement Agent: sworn under contract with the government to uphold the corporate policy enacted and given the force of law against consenting subjects(citizens) - typically called statutes enacted through acts of congress or parliament they are only rules, not laws.

Police Man - Community Policing Officer: Sworn to serve and protect the community based on Common Law(causing harm or loss to another man is a crime, no victim = no crime).

Modern law enforcement agents are supposed to be both but these days new recruits are usually only taught to be corporate officers and do not even know the difference between the two.

Court Room - A place of corporate business.

Summons - An invitation to come to that corporations place of business to discuss contractual issues(typically violations).

If one of the Justice System corporations summons you to court they are inviting your legal person to their place of business and by accepting their invitation you automatically consent to their authority within that court room and verify that you represent the legal person they summoned(Mr or Mrs whatever) that they have the Constitutional right to act upon.

So in order for a police officer to act on your human being you must commit a common law crime in which there is a victim, if there is no victim(possession of drugs, prostitution, etc.) then they can only act on you if you consent to represent your legal person to them which they can act on under Civil Law - they need your name and address or phone number as joinder and by giving it to them you submit to their authority and consent to allow them to act on you.

Unfortunately since most police officers are unaware of what actual powers they have and are taught to have a high and mighty attitude that encourages abuse of powers as long as the behavior is generally accepted by the police corporation without serious punishment abuse of powers will continue to become more and more common. And people who are ignorant of it as well have no way to defend themselves and usually consent to it all without even knowing it or knowing they have the ability not to consent to their authority(for non common law crimes).

If a policy officer approaches you and seems hostile(like he wants to pick on you) and he asks for your name and address do not give them to him but rather ask him if you are obliged to answer his questions.

Usually he or she will answer yes but in reality you are only obliged to do it after you have identified yourself properly and consented to their authority to oblige you, you can legally refuse to answer any and all questions.

Once you identify your legal person to them you are fucked as all the statutes and acts they are primarily contracted(paid) to enforce become enforceable against your identified legal person and they then have the right to oblige you to answer their questions and pretty much do anything they want within the bounds of your constitutional rights and civil and common laws they are enforcing.

A constitution is essentially the charter of a corporation that outlines the main structure, goals and operating guidelines of its corporate society and is the foundation of national civil law(a combination of common law and statutory rules or codes aka corporate policy).

So claiming common law rights under the Constitution is not going to do anything as your constitutional rights are purely based in the civil law, not common law. In the U.S in particular claiming constitutional rights as a citizen of the United States you actually are consenting to their authority by identifying yourself as one of their employees(a citizen with rights under their corporate policies).

One thing should be noted also is that most constitutions mention the duties that are required in exchange for the rights they grant, so if they deem you to not be doing your duty those rights could be voided by the authorities(upholding national security or just generally being a traitor in some way for example).

If you can speak their language(Legalese) then you can realize the truth of the systems structure and your status within it(a slave owned by the corporation legally named as the government) and can either try to break free of it completely or at least use their language to make your life a bit easier - but it could also get a lot harder if you do it the wrong way and draw bad attention to yourself.

The fact those who are sworn to non-violent lawful rebellion are currently being vilified by the corporate media around the world as extremists and terrorists threatening the established political and social order simply for trying to educate people on the truth proves they are actively enslaving people against their knowledge by using legalese to trick them into legally(not lawfully) giving them ownership and complete authority over them.

Again if people were educated on the systems true structure and were truly given the free choice to be part of that society without the risk of harmful and unlawful consequences against our human beings I would not have any problem whatsoever.

The bankers used their money to create the law societies of the world which then created legalese which they have used it to enslave us. The police officers, the lawyers, the crown or district attorneys or prosecutors, the judges, many of the politicians, and the top corporate businessmen in the world are all part of the law societies.

The so-called justice system is not meant to protect us as it is portrayed but is the very tool they created and use to enslave us all without our true knowledge.

Anyways I know I am rambling but this shit is important for people to know, slavery is as rampant as ever and it is hidden in plain sight with the use of a weapon of mass distraction that is our entire society itself and its entire structure meant to keep people ignorant of their enslavement.

EDIT: change a few things around and corrected a couple of errors, I should have proof read it before I posted such a long article but it had been a long day and I needed sleep.
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