When I'm driving and I have a gun, the camera view always gets real screwed up, like i cant changed the view unless i move the analog stick up and down which is really annoying. like is there any way i can put away the gun when i dont want to use it? cause the majority of the time im just driving, im not trying to shoot while driving. and if i'm driving a truck or something its especially annoying. if i go up or downhill, the camera view wont revert to the original position and just stay like directly behind the truck so i cant see anything, and i have to manually move the camera up while driving. and thats like every two seconds so any mission where i have to move quickly to some destination is that much harder.

Oh, and the select button doesnt work if i have a gun out as well. if i dont have any weapons on me and i get in a car its fine, its just if i have a gun cause it automatically makes it so i can shoot people while driving or whatever. but i dont want to do that if its messing up the camera angle. i feel like there must be some way to put away the gun or something.

also when i have a gun out i cant push L2 or R2 to get a side or front view of the car, R2 acts as an acceleration button and L2 acts as a brake. help?