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Hey there...

I have been trying to do the Freefall Mission, when you have to catch that plane with a Dodo for like 100 times now and I am not able to do. I tried everything. I used cheats, I tried to find savelogs, I hit my computer, I screamed, smoked like a million cigarettes, and still.. I just cant do it. I really need help or I cant go on with the game since I am done with all the other important my question is, basically, if there is anyone out there playing GTA who can do the mission for me. (use my savelog, do the mission, save it and send back to me) The Problem is....I am from germany and I am not sure if you actually can play MY savegame on an american version of the game, it`s the PC version. So if there is anyone out there who is willing to try and help me, I would appreciate it because I feel like crying. *laughs* I want to go on with the game but I cant. *sighs* This mission is just too hard for me...

Thanks and I hope someone can help me...
Ok we can give it a try:

Go to

upload, copy and Paste the URL from the upper box into a post Here.
then someone (or I) can do the mission and repost the completed mission here for you.
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