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6 shooter
I've only done about 5 drug wars so far, I have a Q to those who completed more:

Does it matter to which DW location I go? Does one location start only one type of DW (e.g. highjack) and another different one? Do some DW locations disappear after you complete a certain number of DW started there? Or maybe you can do 50 (or more) various DW starting from the same location (e.g. North Holland, by Luis's Mom's house)?
The Awesome One
No, it doesnt. Ive failed sometimers, went to do it again, ended up going somewhere else. Ive even been to the same places.
6 shooter
Does this mean I can start 50+ DWs e.g. in North Holland?

But doesn't the location of DW icon on the map determine the destination where a vehicle is/gang deal is taking place? I mean it ought to be more or less in the vicinity, or not?
The Awesome One
It determines only by the island. You cant do 25+ missions in North Holland, because theres only 25. But those 25 could all be started at NH, im sure.
6 shooter
I'm at 45/50 right now and the North Holland location (most exploited by me) hasn't been available for a while.

Another thing, the location used to start a gang war recently often isn't made available right after completing that gang war (and before saving the game, etc.). In such a case, another location in the same part of LC is made available. The only exception is Broker, cause it has only 1 gang war starting location.

As far as my memory serves, there are 9 gang war starting points: 3 in Alderney (1. Westdyke near the Asian restaurant, 2. near the internet cafe close to TLAD clubhouse, 3. close to the freeway between those two locations), 3 in Algonquin (1. in North Holland, 2. by fountains halfway from Luis's house to Maisonette, 3. downtown), 2 in Bohan (1. by the hospital close to the strip joint, 2. under subway tracks in central Bohan, close to the safehouse from GTA IV), 1 in Broker (opposite the police station near Packie's house).

I may have forgotten something, so feel free to correct me.
I think that the drug wars are completley random including the gangs /vehicles you encounter. I have fought the Koreans in Bohan and the Spanish Lords in Dukes.
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