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We reached 98% and not know what to do
first of all do not understand what to do here "Beat a friend or random computer opponent at a FULL game of Bowling"
The second thing: I did the mission to Brian 3 before I meet with Brian 1 and 2
The Awesome One
This site has a checklist. Check it out.

*Request lock.*
Try Psy's 100% Checklist if you haven't already. There is also the breakdown here.

For the bowling you just need to win a full game of bowling. When you want to start a game it will ask if you want to play a full or half game (half the number of frames).

For the Brian missions, you may have done the previous ones without remembering. As far as I can find you need to do the previous ones.

Side Jobs [10%]

* Assassination Missions
* Once you have completed all 9 of the assassin missions, you will receive 2%.
* You will unlock the assassination missions from a payphone in Alderney not long after unlocking the island.

* Little Jacob's Jobs
* Once you have completed all 10 of his drug delivery missions, you will receive 2%.
* Call Little Jacob and use the job option to begin these missions.

* Brucie's Car Thefts
* Once you have delivered all 10 of the cars, you will receive 2%.
* View your emails from Brucie. Those with attachments enable you to start the mission.

* Street Races
* Once you have won all 9 of the races, you will receive 2%.
* Call Brucie and use the Race option to arrange a street race.

* Stevie's Text Message Cars
* Once you have delivered all 30 cars, you will receive 2%.
* You will receive a text message from Stevie not long after doing races for Brucie.
* Each text message has a picture of a car attached. You must steal this exact car.

Most likely one of those.

I donīt watched good the list, I was missing 3 races sad.gif
Now I have 100%
It's always something. Your welcome.
Well, that's that I suppose.

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