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Do cheats stop your IV game save from achieving 100% completion? Or is it just Achievements/Trophies?
Cheats do not affect 100% completion. Some trophies/achievements will get blocked for that game file.

Quote from Psy's 100% Checklist:
Please Note: Nothing you do in game will prevent you from getting 100%. You can use whichever cheats you want, kill whoever you want in the story, and as long as you complete the following objectives, you'll achieve 100% completion.
Nope, as has been said nothing will happen. But if you're an achievement/trophy whore you can't cheat. To be honest the games easy enough that you don't need cheats.
Gamelord D
Nope. It will only block some of the achievements. It wont affect getting 100% gameplay.
I didn't use cheats until the ending though.
The Awesome One
There is a rumor that it constantly rains if you get 100% with cheats. I dont think its true though.
Good. I have 36 of 40 offline Achievements. I have Endangered Species, Dare Devil, No More Strangers and Key To The City to go. I just don't wanna get screwed out of it.
Well, you shouldn't. Less something goes wrong with your game. That would be funny.
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