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What do you think of the new music channel, VIVA?
Leon Kennedy
I'm guessing this is a british thing?
Watched Slipz the other day. Chav's racning around an airfield, and one loses their car. Also adding an Air Filter now gives you extra boost to your car o_O. Bad program. Like that Two and a Half Men is on it though.

Just spoke to the lass who was doing Slipz, episode 1. She said she's not a chav, and she hates everyone lolz.

I watched Two And A Half Men last night. Didn't know it a music channel, thought it was like Dave or something.

I'll see what's on now...

Pixie Lott Takes Over
Pop pixie, Pixie Lott takes time out to host a week's worth of programming featuring some great videos by the biggest superstars.

Ehhhh.... sleep.gif
Most music channels are becoming small MTVs - less music videos and more shit they should play somewhere else. E! is a place for half their shows.

BTW - watched Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling (whatever the fuck it's called). Shoulda seen Butter Bean!
The Awesome One
I watched Hulk Hogans Celebrity Championship Wrestling on Viva. The adverts suggest its a porn station though. Im not complaining, the channels free!

Up your Viva!
UP YOUR VIVA LA VIDA LOCA. Hate the cunt on that advert.

The channel itself seems pretty much the same as TMF tbh, I'll have it on in the background but the music is normally shite so...
i suppose its similar to the renaming of Paramount to comedy central, its the same channel but the name is different. pulls it in line with the other viva channels in europe (eventhough their logo is different)
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