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GTA SA fan
What's the first thing your going to do the 29th when you turn on your 360?

I'll see if BOGT is ready yet and if it is, i'll buy/download BOGT beings I have the points to, when LaD came out I didn't have the points at the time
Download TBOGT and immediately attend Hercules.
Handsome B Wonderful
Bah! Puny people, i've already got it. Yay Australia!

Anyway, the first thing i did was check the snazzy manual to see what songs are in it. First thing i'll do in BOGT is attend a nightclub if possible.
The Awesome One
I done parachuting as soon as I got the chance. The first thing I did was walk in a line..
First thing I did after completing the I Luv L.C. mission was go back to the safe house and watch "Princess Robot Bubblegum". It was probably one of the funniest parts of the entire GTA series if dare say. I watched the whole 1st episode while smoking a blunt. I'll have to do some additional T.V. watching later.
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