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Paul NYC
I usually play Multiplayer Racing, and this is the first time i've encountered this problem. I was playing for about half an hour, and was going in and out of different races. All of a sudden i start racing on the track Driving While High. I make the right turn and get into first. Then in the distance i notice something really odd; there is no depth, nowhere to go. As i'm approaching this void, i see a bunch of empty blue space. I drive into it and the car starts spinning, tumbling, and virtually falling into this zone. I could see the city in the background as the other racers really oddly pass me by, bouncing in their cars. So i held triangle and respawned. Same thing, i drove into the space, and the car went tumbling along. So i quit the game and restarted. Then, i notice that the usual loading music stopped playing at the second slide, and the game simply wouldnt load. The slides would repeat for about 3 times. So i said fuck it and turned off the console. I checked the disc under some bright light and noticed a few minor scratches, with two really tiny dents, like really small. Could the game be damaged or is it something else? Thanks.
Gamelord D
Sounds to me like your game is most likely damaged. Have you tried cleaning it with water and a cloth? If that dosent work then its most likely damaged and needs to be repaired
Sounds morely like your PS3 is damaged really. Sounds like your Graphics card, or processor has gone within the console which can't process the game so therefore you come across the problems. Although if this just happens online, it may be your internet connection, sounds like you're lagging badly so must have a poor latency.

Try the same thing in Single player, and try different games to see if its your internet, or the console.
If it's the disc, then I'd suggest buying another copy. If it's your PS3, then I'd seek a professional to sort it out.
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