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new major on the block
I updated my PS3 lastnight. Ive been pretty busy for the past 2 months to even get on the thing until now but i noticed that after i updated it, theres a function thats missing. It used to have the ability that while you play music, you could hit the PS button and it would bring you back to the cross media bar and could scroll around and surf the net or whatever. Now when music is playing, if you hit the button it just asks if you want to stop the playback just as it originally did back when i first got it. If you hit yes then it stops the music and brings you back to the cross media bar. If you hit no then it brings you back to the music screen saver. WTF? Why did they disable this function or is it just my system?

Anyone else notice it?
I didn't know that the old PS3 did allow that function, but I did notice how cheap it was I couldn't let music play while I surfed teh nets.
new major on the block
Well i got mine when they first came out a few years back but it was a system update that allowed you to play music and do other stuff simultaneously. And the last update i had before this 3.01 was like 2.97 or 2.98 or something. And now the function doesn't work.
My cynicism towards capitalism has me thinking you'll be seeing a "Buyable Music Feature" where you can play music while doing other things quite soon XD.png
Dude, I can still see the XMB while I play music. I can also message people with music playing. And Im pretty sure I can surf the net with music playing. So IDK what is wrong yours.
new major on the block
it worked up until i updated it so..
i just checked it and it works for the pics, when im viewing them i can tap it and it brings me to the cross media bar and when i tap it, it brings me right back to the pic i was viewing but not for the music. Wierd
Probably a glitch. Anyway to delete the update and re-install?
new major on the block
I dont think so not unless im rebooting the entire system i think. Maybe it will correct itself on the next update
What version are we on now, 3.1?
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